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*me coming down stairs*


mom: now that you’re awake, can you clean th-


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Inspired by the nosemasks of Lilith and Mouseyblue from ts2, I’ve created something similar for ts3. 

Enjoy <3


  • 13 nose masks with 3 color channels
  • 3 noseshines with 1 color channel
  • 2 nose lines with 1 color channel (can be used to lighten and dark the nose lines on the masks with mastercontroller multilayer feature!)
  • available for males and females, teen through elder
  • labeled thumbnails
  • only available in the blush section

Download Nosemask Set [mirror]


credit: Lilith, myself, and Mouseyblue

This is the best thing ever

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Mouseyblue’s Lucky Mix #27 - Drum & #41 - Honey 2T3 Conversion + Edit

Both have two channels inside the iris and the sclera/catch lights are grouped as one

mega | dropbox

Credit: Sclera by brntwaffles, TS2 Eyes by mouseyblue

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[Players Pose Set]


CC Credit
Hand Microphone : Sims by Severinka
Guiter : IMHO Sims 3
Bass : HA2D
Drumsticks : Sims by Severinka

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16 Pin-up Poses

Here’s some poses for your pinup gals. Fair warning, if you don’t want noodle foot (that’s what I call it), don’t use heels for some of these poses. Their inspiration has come from a pinup illustration I found on the internet. 

Here’s the codes: a _FNZS3_pinup_1-11 and 13-17. There isn’t a 12 since it didn’t come out the way I wanted it to. You need this phone for these poses: 1, 3, 11, 16. Comes with poses and posepack.

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Alright my creators kick is over so here. Just take all of my gifts to you. TAKE IT!!!

What’s in the pack:

4 Boys Outfits

Reebok Kamikaze: toddler - adult male

Nike High Top Air Force 1: toddler - adult male

Nike Air Griffey: toddler - adult male

Yeezy 2: toddler - adult male

306 Waves Hair cut: child - adult

Faded 360 Waves Hair cut: child - adult

Boys Design Hair Cuts

There might be some other stuff in there. Who knows?


Infism, ModdishKitten, Sincerelyasimblr, EA and everyone who helped me test.


A/N: Just so you know the file is 121MB

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Thigh High Thursday

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